Why Granite?
Granite is a natural stone that has mostly been formed by magma. Different minerals result in the formation of different coloured granites. This causes slabs to vary in colour from each other which makes each one unique. Granite is available in a huge variety of colours and when used in kitchens or any other room it adds value to your property. Granite is very popular in the kitchens for counter tops due to the quality and durability. It can also be used for vanities, barcounters, windows sills reception counters staircases and fireplaces.

Why Marble?
Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from regional or dolomite rock. Because of its formation marble is not a hard stone and therefore scratches easily and is very porous therefore not suitable for the the kitchen. Marble is used as a decorative material for mainly bathrooms and entrances of the house. There are some beautiful varieties of marble which add warmth to a room and are available in light colours.

Why Quartz?
Quartz is an engineered stone. It is available in a variety of colours and the variation on the stone controlled. They are all heat and scratch resistant and much stronger and more flexible than granite.

Can Toti Granite give me a quotation over the phone?
We can give you a cost estimate, but would prefer to take actual measurements of the intended coverage area for a precise price.

Would it be advisable for anyone to install their own granite tops?
Granite fabrication is a specialized trade that preferable requires fabricators and installers with experience and years of training. When you choose Toti Granite to assist you, you are guaranteed professional results from the initial template through fabrication and final installation.

Do granite tops have visible seams?
Most granite installations will require one or more joints called seams. During layout and design we will always minimize the number of seams required. When installing we will locate them in areas with least traffic to minimize their appearance. Our method used will provide the tightest seams possible and match colour and design.

Can Toti Granite reconnect my plumbing connections?
Our staff are highly trained to do installations, but however we are not licensed plumbers. Therefore we cannot assume any liability for making plumbing connections. We can however refer you to a qualified plumber if needed.

Can Toti Granite install my kitchen sink?
Yes we can ensure that your sink will be installed safely and professionally and ready for the plumber.

Can granite stain and how do I seal it?
Even though granite is a high dense material, there is the possibility of stains if a spill is not cleaned correctly. Sealing a granite surface especially kitchen tops, can be done with an oil based sealant which will protect against water patches and stains. Sealing is advised once a year depending on the usage of the surface. For any stain problems feel free to contact any of our staff to assist you.

When is payment required and what forms of payment does Toti Granite accept?
We accept EFT payments preferably, but do have a card machine available at the office for your convenience. When you have accepted your quote a 60% deposit is required to secure materials that need to be ordered and the balance paid upon completion of installation.

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